Transformation strategies that work: Your roadmap to the digital future

Tailor-made solutions and effective change management for sustainable success

In these fast-paced times, it is critical to keep pace with digital transformation. While this offers tremendous opportunities, it also presents companies with challenges, such as the lack of supporting structures
for new technologies and processes. Often, the impact on the organization and its structure is unclear
and difficult to manage. A comprehensive, methodical approach can overcome these barriers.

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Theodora is an accomplished transformation enabler with deep experience in implementing ERP-, CRM, WMS- and e-learning systems as well as financial and data transformations. Her in-depth knowledge of finance and technology, coupled with an integrative approach and a unique blend of empathy and analytics, makes her the ideal partner. With her customer-centric approach, she helps her clients realize the full potential of digital transformation

Theodora Passaloglou

Senior Enabler, Digital Transformation Expert

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