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Why it matters

Digital Transformation is complex – that’s why you have to apply a holistic approach that takes all diverse aspects into account. Our 360° method ensures all crucial levers for a successful Digital Transformation are addressed – from vision to execution.

How it helps

The enable2grow Digital Transformation Wheel enables a systematic approach to Digital Transformation Wheel with true impact. It will guide you through the key steps and core elements of Digital Transformation and helps you transform insights into visible outcome.

What it is

Building on 20+ years client experience of driving digital business and helping organizations to become future proof. The enable2grow Digital Transformation Wheel with its eight key success factors is the essence of our expertise, which will help every company get their Digital Transformation rolling..and help you to improve your digital fitness.

Digital Fitness White Paper

The enable2grow Digital Fitness White Paper will provide you with a holistic view of change through a proven 360° method for digital growth – from strategy to its execution

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The core elements of digital transformation

  • 01 | Digital Vision

    Define the target

  • 02 | Holistic Strategy

    Think your way forward

  • 03 | New Business Models

    Measure progress

  • 04 | Flexible Organisation

    Agile work in diverse teams

  • 05 | Dynamic Processes and Tools

    Iterative approach to learning

  • 06 | Open Culture

    Establish the right mindset

  • 07 | Relevant KPIs

    Measure progress

  • 08 | Consistent Implementation & Communication

    Follow a roadmap

“Digital transformation requires a holistic view of the entire organisation.”

Stefanie Peters

Stefanie Peters

Founder and CEO of enable2grow

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What our clients say

Martina Bruder

CEO Wolters Kluwer Germany

Transformation and Growth strategy, including a new Organization Design

„With the professional support of enable2grow, we have developed a clear-cut, sustainable strategy for our legal division, anchored it in the company and put it into practice. The market is aware of that and we are proud of what we have achieved.“

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