Eckart Burgwedel

The Tech-Product Wizard

Senior Digital Products Expert

Eckart Burgwedel

seit 2020

enable2grow GmbH

Senior Digital Products Expert

seit 2014


Co-Founder & CEO/CPO

seit 2018

Freelance Advisor

Startup Mentor & Legal Advisor

2012 – 2014

dizmo AG

Co-Founder & COO/CPO, Zürich

2007 – 2012

futureLAB AG

Product Lead, Head of Project Management, Sen. Consultant, Zürich

2000 – 2007


Founder & COO/CPO

1998 – 2000

Law Degree LLM

University of Cape Town

1994 – 1998

Law Degree

Universität Greifswald & Kiel

Eckart Burgwedel is a serial entrepreneur and freelance Enabler with 20+ years of experience, and a unique blend of technology and product innovation. As the founder of Uberchord, an interactive guitar learning platform, he built a deep tech company using AI to create a real-time feedback system that transformed the learning experience. Uberchord’s success, marked by 1.2 million downloads, industry awards, and its strategic partnership with Yamaha since 2020 demonstrates its impact.

Beyond Uberchord, Eckart has built a strong reputation for his work in AI-based product development and technology strategy. He helps companies navigate AI integration, ensuring solutions align with business goals and create practical, value-driven products. With a background in software engineering, law, and entrepreneurship, Eckart brings a deep understanding of both the technical and business aspects of AI. He’s currently building a medical AI solution to support clinical workflows.Eckart’s consulting work spans various industries, supporting businesses from startups to large corporations. He assists clients with AI strategy, product development, and process optimization, emphasizing customer experience and tangible results. His approach balances technical expertise with a clear focus on business outcomes, making him a trusted partner for companies seeking to leverage AI effectively.

Consulting focus: AI-driven product innovation & development; technology strategy; customer experience

Customer Experience (Selection): Aareon, Axel Springer, BSH, digitalStrom, futureLAB, Mivune, Hypoport, Value AG, Volkswagen, SBB, SUVA, Swisscom, Yamaha, Zumtobel

My Passion

My biggest passion is learning. I love water, so I indulge in windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and wingfoiling. Add cooking, guitar, traveling to the mix.

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My Mission

As the founder of several successful technology companies, I always have three things in focus: the team, the product and the software development. As a former lawyer and software developer with a passion for UX design, I stand for full-stack product development – from inception to implementation.

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