Client: Klikk

Our task

Systematic Market Entry

Process flow


Klikk wanted to open an office in Frankfurt and therefore required a reliable foundation of market research, in order to define the most appropriate market positioning in the German/DACH market and establish a sustainable and strong growth of Klikk’s business. The key requirements included:

Summarizing key insights from market research and competitive analysis

Verifying market positioning in Germany/DACH

Define unique selling points for the German/DACH market to address local needs and to identify the core market segment

Preliminary list of potential sales and distribution partners established


  1. Phase 1: Verify market positioning in Germany 
    Conduct market research for a targeted market, provide a high-level competitive landscape, focus on identifying key target and industry segments, understand the needs and expectations of German corporates and “Mittelstand”
  2. Phase 2: Verify Unique Selling Points (USP)
    Derive key messages through a joint half-day workshop in Munich, Key learnings about the specifics of the German market, Derive the key marketing messages for Klikk’s target segments, Prepare relevant marketing material, e.g. the one-pager
  3. Phase 3: Identify sales and distribution partners
    Identify the most appropriate distribution partners and channels, Match capabilities and address the most relevant target clients, Establish a long list of potential partners, leveraging our excellent networks


Identified the USP‘s for Klikk, the three S‘s Security, Savings, and Sustainability

GDPR security compliance

Ability to adjust services in real time to save money

A sustainability focus In choosing partners and hosting

Enabled Klikk to position themselves competitively in DACH

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