Kalaydo GmbH & Co KG

Client: Kalaydo

Kalaydo is an online advertising portal used by various regional daily newspapers in NRW, Rheinland-
Pfalz and Hessen in order to bundle classified ads on a variety of topics and thus exploit the advantage of extended recognition and reach.

Our task

Increase Innovation and efficiency of the online advertising portal

Process flow


A project structure needed to be designed which would increase innovation potential and efficiency

Create a basis for an innovative process

Build a structure for the innovative process

Create a meaningful project structure and detailed project planning

Systematic development of project controlling as a way to measure efficiency


  1. An overall innovation process was developed, roles within the innovation dialog were established
  2. A holistic process for the generation, uptake and prioritization of ideas was put in place, backed up with specific criteria for measuring their success
  3. Project structure, priorities and focus were agreed upon, and the identification and implementation of ideas substantiated
  4. A project controlling system was developed
  5. Operative support: Preparation and timely support for "Innovation Day"


An efficient process from idea generation to implementation and evaluation was agreed and put in place

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