Strategic Alignment and operative Excellence through OKRs

OKR (Objective and Key Results) is an agile framework for defining and implementing strategic goals: MORE transparency, alignment, focus and agility

Especially in challenging times, the introduction of OKRs as a uniform steering system makes sense, as it leads to more transparency, motivates all employees to take entrepreneurial responsibility, keeps them focused on the essentials by means of clearly defined goals and, last but not least, leads to a coordinated,
synchronised action of those involved.

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Stefanie has gained deep expertise in growth strategies and digital business models throughout her 20 years of experience in top management consulting and scaling digital start ups before she founded enable2grow. Her vision is to deliver measurable impact by enabling leaders and organisations to grow in a healthy and sustainable way.

Meike Müller

Senior Enabler u0026 Google Design Sprints and OKR Expert

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