Story Brand Script

Turn your customer into the hero of your brand story

Marketing Communication very often is a waste of money, if the brand message is not clearly customer
focused or if the brand itself tries to stand out as a hero – instead of the customer. It is much more effective to tell a brand story, in which the customer of the brand is supported to reach success, improves his
or her life and becomes the hero of the story.

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Bernd has extensive experience in the field of business development – in multinational companies, SMEs and startups. He has served as Sales and Marketing Director, Managing Director, Interim Manager, Operating Partner for investors as well as
advisor and coach. He is certified for Design Thinking (HPI Institute Potsdam; INSEAD,
Fontainebleau) and for the Market Opportunity Navigator (by Marc Gruber & Sharon
Tal). Bernd is located in the area of Zuerich, Switzerland.

Dr. Bernd Brockmeier

Senior Advisor and Expert for Design Thinking & Innovation

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