Modern Software-Development – Delivering Value, not Code

A comprehensive analysis of your current software development and a guided transition to modern best practices

Software development has seen an unprecedented rate of change. Requirements constantly change, and delivery and validation of new customer value are expected at break-neck speed (aka agile), all the while the team struggles to keep the resulting system complexity at bay. While better tooling, automation and test-driven development have the potential to relieve the team of a lot of the heavy lifting, team organisation and development processes need to change to accommodate such improvements and deliver
value and not more just lines of code.

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Eckart has been building award-winning digital products for more than two decades. He is a lawyer by trade, software engineer by upbringing, and entrepreneur by heart. His expertise covers a wide range from product innovation and business modelling to customer experience design and technical implementation.

Eckart Burgwedel

Senior Enabler, Software Development Expert

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