Customer Lifetime Value Analytics

Operative Toolset & comprehensive strategy as game changer for the business model

Most business models are built applying the traditional P&L-Structure and based on the main business drivers such as marketing spend per channel, new markets etc. Using an advanced Customer Lifetime Value logic the perspective of the actual and future customers behavior appears in the spotlight showing the real potential of Net Sales and Profits and drawing a clear path to achievement.

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Meike Müller is a seasoned entrepreneur and hands-on strategic advisor with 25 years of experience. Meike is highly skilled in agile Tools and Frameworks such as OKRs (Objective & Key Results) as well as in Innovation Sprints and is a trained mediator. She enables teams and organizations to reorganize mindsets, structures and processes towards more agility: Digital Transformation Strategy & Design, Organ-
izational Alignment, Innovation Management, Agile Strategy and Implementation.

Johannes Seiringer

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