“Buy and Build” Strategy

Accelerate growth with a well-researched “buy and build” strategy

In a fragmented market with many smaller players, consolidation opportunities regularly arise that are realised with a “buy and build” strategy. Potential target companies are identified and, like a string of pearls, several acquisitions are made at short intervals.
In most cases, the entry is made with a “platform company” that already has the structures and processes in place so they are able to integrate newly acquired companies quickly and smoothly.

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Stephan has always been a “deal maker” who offers integrated management consulting and corporate finance services for facilitating shareholder changes in the best possible way. In this role, Stephan has been advising both investors and owners and has already managed to close deals worth more than €2bn. He also
has a track record as a hands-on Private Equity director. In addition, he successfully executed 3x “buy and builds” as investor and CEO.

Dr. Stephan Bülow

Senior Advisor, M&A expert

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