Digital Fitness Check

The enable2grow Digital Fitness Check creates an easy method to check the pulse of your company’s ongoing Digital Fitness journey, so your company leaders can successfully understand and drive Digital Fitness in your organization.

0% Holistic Digital Strategy New Business Model 0% 0% Flexible Organization 0% Dynamic Processes and Tools 0% Open Culture 0% Relevant KPIs Consistent Implementation and Communication: 0% Digital Vision 0%

The survey will take roughly 10 minutes

Please try to take the survey without interruptions

Work through the questions in order, and enter your most honest and instinctive answer

1 | 64

I have a clear understanding of what digitalization means

2 | 64

I have a clear understanding of how digitalization impacts our organization

3 | 64

This company has a clear digital vision

4 | 64

This company's digital vision is tangible and easily explainable

5 | 64

I believe the senior leadership team embodies the overall and digital vision and acts accordingly

6 | 64

The company's digital strategy is well integrated into our overall business strategy

7 | 64

This company's digital strategy impacts every function and area of this company

8 | 64

We are achieving the milestones in our digital strategy on time and on budget

9 | 64

This company has focused on digitization of its products and services (i.e. has a product road map)

10 | 64

Digitalization includes technology, functions and processes within this company

11 | 64

Digital Fitness projects are implemented clearly and quickly

12 | 64

This company is fast to implement and test new ideas, and sees ideas through to the go/no-go stage

13 | 64

There is clear prioritization and follow through on all digital projects

14 | 64

This company creates and leverages cross-functional teams for projects success

15 | 64

This company is good at directing resources (human, financial or other) to the right places when necessary

16 | 64

This company's KPIs accurately measure our digital performance

17 | 64

There are clear consequences if KPIs are not achieved

18 | 64

There are clear benchmarks, processes, and reporting linked to our KPIs

19 | 64

This company implements integrated processes to achieve its business goals

20 | 64

This company has great knowledge of digital, content, and social media marketing attribution models

21 | 64

This company's external brand image is effective across all streams - clients, social, recruitment, partners, agencies, etc.

22 | 64

I clearly understand this company's present revenue streams

23 | 64

Our marketing strategy improves customer experience and generates new customer leads

24 | 64

I know who our future target customers are and how we will serve them

25 | 64

All processes at this company are linked and aligned with a customer view in mind

26 | 64

I am aware of new players/startups who are challenging our business model

27 | 64

This company fosters innovation, sharing of new ideas and autonomy to implement them

28 | 64

This company enables employees to be a part of the digitalization changes

29 | 64

We have people with the skills to lead and make the changes to drive these digital projects forward

30 | 64

I believe my team members and all areas of the company are working toward a common goal

31 | 64

It is easy to collaborate with other functions or teams within this company

32 | 64

Information and knowledge are shared openly and transparently at this company

33 | 64

I am aware of where I can find the know-how (knowledge and expertise) I need within the company

34 | 64

I feel we address hurdles and problems in a timely manner and escalate them with urgency

35 | 64

The tools I use in my role enable me to work transparently and efficiently to enhance effectiveness

36 | 64

I use digital tools / equipment / technology in my role daily

37 | 64

I feel I am well trained and educated on how to use new digital tools when they are introduced to my role

38 | 64

I am willing to be trained to develop my core competencies and help this company achieve its goals

39 | 64

I am able to embrace an intrapreneur digital mindset ('startup' mindset) to achieve the digital strategic goals

40 | 64

We work in an iterative (agile) manner, i.e. continuous improvement rather than perfection

41 | 64

I embrace change and a continuous improvement/learning mindset

42 | 64

I feel comfortable challenging old ideas with new and innovative ideas

43 | 64

I am able to communicate freely up the line, and raise relevant questions about our digital strategy

44 | 64

I am engaged and empowered to drive forward change

45 | 64

I am an integral part of this company's digital journey

46 | 64

I live this company's digital vision in my daily work

47 | 64

I understand how my role contributes to this company’s digitalization strategy

48 | 64

The organizations KPIs are linked to my role are clear and top of mind daily

49 | 64

My performance incentives are clearly linked to my role and accurately reflect the work I do

50 | 64

This company has flexible work options, i.e. work space, work hours, and/or virtual teams

51 | 64

Diverse people (different experience, backgrounds and perspectives) are able to work well together at this company

52 | 64

This company has a good onboarding and training process for digital talent

53 | 64

I would recommend this company to family and friends as a great place to work

54 | 64

I see myself working at this company in two years time

55 | 64

I enjoy working at this company

56 | 64

This company motivates me to go above and beyond in my role

57 | 64

I am proud to tell others I work for this company

58 | 64

I believe this company is positioning itself to be competitive in the future

59 | 64

I believe this company will be successful 5 years from now

60 | 64

The core elements in this company's digital vision are

61 | 64

The key digital strategic goals for my department are

62 | 64

The most relevant competitors and new players who should be on our radar are

63 | 64

The top 3 tools (technology, digital, equipment) I use that support me every day are

64 | 64

Digital KPIs are clearly linked to our digital strategy, they include