Client: SCOUT24

Scout24 mit Sitz in München/Berlin betreibt die führenden Online-Marktplätze für Immobilien und Automobil.

Our task

Growth strategy, M&A, Innovation, Pricing

Process flow


How can growth options be generated both internally and externally whilst at the same time extending Scout24's competitive advantages in the long term?


  1. Analyze classified market and competitive environment
  2. Review external growth options through M&A, including due diligence
  3. Identify strategic competitive advantages through innovation
  4. Re-evaluate the pricing model in order to maintain competitiveness


Strategic areas for action identified

Scenarios developed for the classifieds market in Germany including quantification of possible options

Became majority stakeholder in flea market app Stuffle → acquired by ImmobilienScout24 in November 2014

Increased innovative power through internal and external activities (product vision, optimization of innovative processes)

Pricing strategies defined (scenarios, pro/contra matrix)

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