Media Saturn

Client: Media Saturn

Our task

Redesign of an international Music streaming/downloading Service

Process flow


How do we organize ourselves in such a way that we use our resources efficiently for our established B2B business and our innovative B2C business via three locations (Berlin, Copenhagen, London)?
How do we ensure the smoothest possible cooperation as well as an effective interplay of the functions product management, IT, business development and marketing?


  1. Development of organizational structure across 3 sites
  2. Definition of critical interfaces (IT-PM-Marketing)
  3. Delineation of roles and responsibilities
  4. Development of processes (IT-PM-Marketing)
  5. Creation of job descriptions and reporting structures
  6. Development an action plan including change program, focused on leadership and communication


New organizational structure with clearly defined roles and responsibilities across all functions; involvement and commitment of the leadership teams; job profiles created, roadmap

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