Growth by Innovation

There is no growth in the status quo, growth is only driven by change

Competitive advantage is always the results of innovation. Competitive advantage drives growth. And it is established through an innovative product, process, and last, but not least innovative culture

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Gunnar is an evangelist for strategic approaches to growth, marketing and storytelling. He has led units in companies, agencies and startups with success in many markets. His experience ranges from consumer-oriented industries like
FMCG, retail, automotive, consumer electronics, media and digital services to B2B industries like steel, carbon fiber, executive search and real estate. Gunnar is the author and co-author of several books on marketing and frequently writes for business magazines. He presides on the “Bestseller”-Jury for the most successful new FMCG-products in Germany and is the founder of the Neptun Marketing Award.

Gunnar Brune

Business Innovator, AI-Evangelist, Storytelling Enthusiast

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