The Idealistic Pragmatist

Enabler Profile

As Coach and Consultant Daniel Helbig supports clients with their individual change. Here, he establishes safe spaces for e.g. personnel development or the creation of well-grounded concepts which address the organizational side. Later on, he assists the implementation process - always aiming for autonomy of his clients. His working style is empathetic and mindful but also very structured and goal-oriented.

Based on own experience he knows about the pains and gains of modelling new businesses, both on operational level as well as on a meta-level from the perspective of a lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Organization. He helps identifying and addressing blind spots: Either on personal/team level or in organizations which face a disruptive technological environment and strive for a proactive approach. Thus, he develops teams and leaders during phases of consolidation and growth, helps establishing processes and adaptive structures or facilitates strategy and vision workshops - aiming for the Business Modell 2.0.

As a System Engineer Daniel used to lead highly complex projects and teams. Hence, he has a sense for interdependencies and levers within the system, knows how and when to analyse them and most importantly is able to take and hold people on board whilst on the journey.

Vita Daniel Helbig

  • since 2015 Entrepreneur / Co-Founder, Socialtourist and others
  • since 2013 Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Studies of Psychology, University Hagen
  • 2013 MBA, European Business School, Reutlingen, Systemic Coach, Handow Company
  • 2005 - 2013 Airbus and Air Force, Team Leader and System Engineer
  • 2001 - 2004 Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Aerospace Engineering, University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich