Client: Sedo

Our task

Redesign and optimization of sales processes for a renowned domain provider

Process flow


Improve efficiency of sales processes by identifying core processes and optimize them on a step-by-step basis with a view to creating more effective use of resources

Build a long-term sales strategy and identification of potentials

Redesign sales structures

Identify sale resources

Reduce costs and increase productivity


  1. Comprehensive as-is analysis of core activities and processes, identification of potential ways of increasing efficiency, customer segmentation, CRM tool analysis
  2. Analysis of value add and demands on sales structures and processes
  3. Development of a target core process model in sales which reflects the existing organizational structure and the newly introduced KPI model
  4. Mapping of competences and resources, identification of improved allocation methods and derivation of a resource allocation plan


Cost-effective increase of efficiency in sales processes by

  • Redirecting sales force focus to value adding, profitable customers and activities
  • Increasing productivity through reduction in costs and optimization of sales processes

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