HR New Media GmbH

Client: HR New Media GmbH

Our task

Strategic realignment in online recruiting market

Process flow


In order to open up new market potential, it is necessary to achieve a clear position within the market and to develop a detailed strategy

Status Quo: Point of view?

Competitive environment?

Market structure?

Positioning and product design in terms of our target group?

Strategy and implementation plan?


  1. As-is analysis of the company (incl. ABC analysis) and of the market/competition (incl. extensive quantitative evaluation of growth potential and trend forecasts), SWOT analysis, validation
  2. Development of concrete strategic options, incl. positioning and definition of target groups within the market, design of product offering, brand alignment and recommendations for the implementation of the necessary structures and processes
  3. Creation of a detailed implementation plan (investment case)


Clear positioning and strategy along

Development of new business segments, incl. business model design and investment case presentation

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