Client: Busuu

Our task

Development and repositioning of an international brand on the German market

Process flow


Create a clear brand position and the requisite definitions and analyses of target groups, competitors and marketing methodologies in order to achieve a sustainable brand image.


  1. Carry out workshop with senior management (including preparation and follow-up)
  2. Draw up target definition and plan of action for TV brand campaign
  3. Review vision
  4. Analyze/differentiate relevant competitors and target groups (free/premium users)
  5. Define positioning criteria and target brand position
  6. Collect and identify brand values to create core brand
  7. Formulate brand messages for target group (consumer insight, barriers to overcome, promise, reason why)
  8. Create briefing documentation for TV spot to be made by agency, support in selection of agency and implementation


Clear increase in brand awareness

Image made congruent to positioning

Demonstrable increase in traffic, registration and conversion

Enabler Team

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