As a business, you ideally ride the waves

– you are always prepared and positioned to ride anything that comes your way.

Riding the global COVID-19 wave, however, is easier said than done. Priorities and needs have shifted at lightning speed. Feeling adrift and unsettled just as much as individuals have, companies are looking for the path towards a post-Corona world. Towards growth and stability despite dramatically changed circumstances.

Not surprisingly, those who will do well are those who are agile. Those who can act quickly and develop suitable digital business models will do better than just survive: they will reap substantial economic success.

For too long, digitalization has meant little
more than optimizing processes already in

It has meant a piecemeal approach, maybe investing in a few start-ups or half-heartedly opening an in-house innovation department. More often than not, those tasked with innovation have found themselves in an epic (and often losing) struggle with long-established corporate or Mittelstand structures and mindsets.

In Germany alone, many corporate resources and millions of euros have been set in the sand of ill-conceived digital playgrounds. Unclear strategies and goals, too little courage, too little staying power and, above all, too few skills to build viable products/ventures in a short time are to blame for this failure.

Now, with the seismic shift of Corona, any
half-hearted approach to innovation is even
more likely to fail. Where to go next, then?

No more wishy-washy: get your innovation cracking
Let the experts do the hard lifting for you: enable2Grow and Stryber take an “end-to-end” approach to the injection of digital life: from strategy to implementation, we give you tangible and measurable results.

enable2grow designs the overarching architecture for your digital growth. We take a 360° perspective, lay the strategic foundation for your future and develop a wide range of concrete measures for the systematic transformation of your company,

Stryber focuses on the development of promising ventures, usually as a venture portfolio. After all, just as with other investments, we aim to minimize risk and maximize returns by holding a diversified portfolio.

Based on your company’s projected targets, Stryber continuously develops a varied spectrum of novel digital ideas for the future of your business. Our agile ideation process has been proven to be successful; within only 3-6 months you will have built a portfolio of new business models in the form of testable MVPs.

Stryber monitors the systematic testing of the MVPs and ensures continuous optimization of the prototypes until they are ready for the market. enable2grow is always on hand as a sparring partner to ensure transparent communication within your organisation, acting as a “bridge” between new and core business.

enable2grow accompanies this critical phase of handing over the ventures in a market-proven manner, supporting the process until your employees can master any challenges independently.

In this way, German mid-sized companies can both increase their innovative strength through independent ventures and strengthen their future viability through a well-thought-out corporate strategy.

Don’t let your business be swept under: think
ahead, recognize the chance which comes with
forced change and grab the opportunity.

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