Holistic Digital Strategy

Holistic strategy work that is established as an agile process in companies enables them to react faster to unplanned events.

The traditional strategy process of launching big projects every few years no longer fits today’s fast-moving, hard-to-plan times. With an agile process, companies develop better strategies and bring them directly into implementation.

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With almost 20 years of experience ranging from a classic management consultant to her own founding of an online marketplace (today part of the Randstad Group), Maria has developed various strategies for companies and has successfully been responsible for or accompanied both restructuring and scaling up. Maria is a certified scale up coach (bestseller “scaling up” by Verne Harnish) and has experience in systemic consulting (according to the Neuwaldegger School). She is an expert
in all aspects of strategy work, from business models to target systems such as Objectives & Key Results and the transformation processes that often accompany them.

Maria Lindinger

Senior Enabler and Strategy Expert

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